21st-27th July 2016

21st July 2016 – 28 days after the Referendum

Shock as foreigner confirms that what she had previously said is in fact still true.

[In response to news that Angela Merkel’s insistence that Article 50 must be invoked before Brexit talks can begin]

22nd July 2016 – 29 days after the Referendum

More shock as a second foreigner says that what he said before is still the case.

“It will be a choice facing the UK. Remain in the single market and accept the free movement that goes with it, or accept another status.”

[Response to Guardian article saying that “Francois Holland tells Britain to leave the EU as soon as possible”]8

27th July 2016 – 34 days after the Referendum

Shock! Horror! Yet more foreigners tell the UK that what they said was true before the referendum was and remains actually true. This would be hilarious if it wasn’t such a tragic fuck up.

[Response to reports in The Times that the US had refused to open trade talks before a Brexit deal was complete, confirming what they had previously said.]




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