21st June 2016 – 2 days before the Referendum

Do you remember when Nissan came to Sunderland? I do. I grew up in South Shields and both of my sisters got jobs there. The North East’s economy was in ruins, and unemployment was at an all time high. There’s been regeneration since then, partly due to the millions of pounds of EU structural funds, and partly because Nissan was the first of a long line of international companies setting up in the North East, Hitachi trains being the most recent.

8 out of 10 cars made in Sunderland are exported to the EU. Why the hell would you shoot yourself in the face by voting to jeopardise that, and all the other major employers dependent on EU exports in the region, and cut Billions in EU funding to yourself? Particularly when every government in Westminster has shown beyond doubt that it could not care less about the welfare of the North East.

The problems you face are not the fault of the EU, or of immigrants, they are the fault of being ruled from London by people who don’t like you and don’t care about you.

The poorest people and regions of the UK are the ones with the most to lose by leaving. Farage, Johnson and Gove are not on your side. They are on their own side and are trying to use you for their own ends. Don’t fall for it. Please, please vote Remain.


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