22nd June 2026 – 1 day before the Referendum

People who should NOT vote Leave:

1. Poor people. Even if the Leave campaign is right, and Britain will do well economically in the long run if it leaves the EU (although this is unlikely), it is clear that in the short to medium term there will be instability and and economic difficulties. As we saw with the austerity policy, the poorest in society are always worst hit by this. We have 4 more years of the same Conservative government that launched a wholesale attack on the poorest, including the unemployed and lower paid workers, and they’ll do it again if there’s a downturn or recession to pay for.

2. People in poorer parts of the UK. The EU has pumped billions into regeneration for the poorest regions of the UK, including Wales, the North East and the North West. Cardiff was revitalised, the Gateshead/Newcastle quayside was totally regenerated, the Tyneside Metro extension was funded. The list goes on. Successive UK governments have not done this, and will not replace this funding. In fact, our own government hates you so much that it tries to redirect as much of the EU funding as possible to better off regions, but EU rules means some still get through to the poorer ones.

3. People with mortgages. The devaluation of the Pound will lead to an increase in inflation, and the Bank of England would have to put up interest rates to control it. By law, they would have to do this to keep inflation under the target of 2%.

4. People who buy food. Major supermarket chains have predicted that the price of food will rise due to the falling value of the Pound and WTO tariffs. Also, people who work for retailers who will lay off people if demand falls due to price rises.

5. People employed by anyone who exports to the EU, including Ford, General Motors, Nissan, Hitachi, BAE, Airbus, Diageo, BT, Fujitsu, Hewlet-Packard, Virgin, and thousands of others. This category should also include people who work for firms that supply these firms. They have said that it may lead to job losses.

6. People with employers they don’t like or trust. EU laws stop you being exploited by your employers. The UK government actually largely fought against these laws, including the Working Time Directive which was designed to ensure you couldn’t be forced to work ridiculous hours against your will. They are unlikely to institute new ones that do the same.

7. People with jobs. Unemployment has been steadily decreasing in the last few years, but a post-Leave slump will make all jobs less secure, not just those in directly affected industries.

8. People planning to have children. EU laws ensure paid maternity leave, this may be reduced, particularly in a recession.

9. Students and people with children likely to become students. Almost every university in the UK has warned that research funding would be drastically hit. The UK government has been consistently reducing the research funding that universities rely on while the EU has been increasing it. You will also no longer be eligible to study abroad with the Erasmus programme, and there will be far fewer hot exchange students to try to get off with at your university.

10. People who use the health service. 1 in 10 doctors in the NHS are from other EU countries. A devalued pound will make this much less attractive for them, as it will for non-EU doctors and nurses. They simply won’t be paid as much. Added to this, you’ll have just effectively told the existing ones to fuck off, so they are unlikely to feel welcome. They are not taking British doctors’ jobs by the way. They are employed because the UK does not have enough doctors. The government will not give the EU subscription money to the NHS. They, and the Leave campaigners, have a history of reducing funding to it, and in some cases, threatening to privatise it. The BMA and the TUC have warned that leaving will cut budgets significantly.

11. The young. You’ll be stuck with this for the rest of your life. Yes, all of it. There will be no going back. You can have another referendum to leave later if you want, but you’ll never have one to re-join. Long after the majority of Leave voters are dead, you’ll be dealing with the consequences.

12. People who care about the Environment. Greenpeace is worried that leaving the EU will lead to the dismantling of environmental protection, and a tracking free-for-all. Both Cameron and Johnson have campaigned against EU regulations limiting fracking.

13. People who have worked in the EU. If you paid into a pension in another EU country, Leave may mean that you will have difficulty gaining access to it.

14. People who care about the poor of the world. The UK is committed to spending on international development and is a leader in the field. A significant proportion of this is in fact EU spending though, and, without that, it is unlikely that the UK would be able to justify replacing this from it’s own pocket and continuing to be a world leader in international development.

15. People who want to work in an EU country one day. Good luck with the work permit.

16. People who want to retire to an EU country. This is unlikely to be very easy.

17. People who currently live in an EU country (well over 1 Million Brits). You’ll probably be allowed to stay, but you’ll need to apply for a work permit, and show that you’re a ‘good’ immigrant who pays their way and doesn’t take jobs that could be done by EU workers. You will not be entitled to any benefits.

18. Anyone who has friends or family that they care about in any of the above categories that will be harmed by a leave vote.

People who SHOULD vote Leave:

1. The very rich. You’ll be fine anyway. You always are. You’ve probably already moved your money offshore.

2. Xenophobes. I know, you’re not racist, you just don’t like foreigners. You can show those foreign Eurocrats and nasty immigrants who’s boss by Leaving. That’ll show them!! Then you can blame them for the recession and job losses you decided you wanted. (As an aside, it’s the Bank of England’s job to maintain confidence in the economy. Why would they possibly say that there is likely to be a recession if the UK leaves unless they really did think that?).

3. Currency speculators. If you’ve bet on Leave in the markets, you could make millions from Sterling falling through the floor. Fuck the people it hurts, it’s more money for you.

4. Terrorists. The UK loosing access to EU intel organisations will make it easier to operate in the UK.

5. Far-right voters. I know, you’re not horrible. you just think it’s largely poor people’s fault that they’re poor. Well, so do the Leave leaders poised to take over the Conservative Party if Leave wins, so that’ll be nice for you.

6. Corporate Lawyers. There’ll be soooo much work for you, from unravelling the EU legislation that will cease to be in force, and dealing with the additional paperwork and contracts needed to export to the EU.

7. The Press, particularly the right wing press. They’ll have so much to write about. For a few years. Brilliant.

8. The leaders of the leave campaign. Your new overlords. Enjoy.


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