24th June 2016 – 1 day after the Referendum

An open letter to the 52%.

Dear Morons,

So that’s it then. You’ve done it. To show the nasty foreigners who’s really the boss, you’ve shot yourself in the fucking face. To show one set of rich, British right wing politicians that you don’t like them, you’ve handed power to another set of rich British right wing politicians. That’ll show them eh? Well, I’m having none of it. You can take back your nasty, pathetic little country. Take it back from me. I want nothing to do with it, and I want nothing to do with you.

Take it back from all the people who think people from other places are actually a lot like them. Take it back from people who think you should help those most in need in the world. Take it back from my friends and family who thought that the country they lived in was tolerant, open and friendly. Take it back from your friends and family who have jobs that are now under threat. Take it back from those nasty immigrant nurses, doctors, professors and firemen who have the temerity to accept jobs in the UK and pay tax there. Take it back from people who don’t consider somebody speaking another language to be a personal insult. Take it back from people who aren’t nasty, self-centred, little Englander morons like the majority of you have shown yourselves to be. Enjoy your new found freedom to be fucked repeatedly by your employers with no recourse, if you still have a job, and by your rich right wing overlords who claimed it was the brown people’s fault, and by twisted logic, the EU’s fault, not their’s, that you had to wait a bit for your free healthcare sometimes.

A particular shout out to those of you from the poorest regions of the UK, particularly the North East, that took such pleasure in voting to ensure that your major employers would leave, along with the billions in EU funding that you receive to make up for the fact that your own politicians couldn’t give two fucks about you. Well done. At least you can only blame yourself.

I’m done defending you. You’ve made the British the most despised people in Europe, and possibly the world. You’ve destabilised the economy directly for nearly half a billion people, and potentially for the rest of the world. You’ve blown a hole in peace and stability in Europe, and shat on nearly sixty years of cooperation and mutual understanding. And why? Because you were told not to like foreigners, especially the brown ones, and, being the easily led fuckwits you are, you agreed.

I’m off to apply for Belgian citizenship so that my kids can grow up somewhere welcoming, open and friendly, and I look forward to losing the worthless piece of post-imperialist shit that is my British passport. I’m ashamed to be British, and can’t wait not to be.

Take it back. You’re fucking welcome to it.


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