14th August 2016 – 7 weeks since the referendum

[Written in response the following comment on a link to an article entitled “A Utilitarian and Moral Argument for abandoning Brexit” http://want2stay.com/why-abandon-brexit/: “Our democracy and the liberty we now enjoy was won over a period of just under a thousand years of struggle by the various peoples of this land. Peasants revolts, civil wars, suffragettes, the bloodshed needed has been horrific. You would like to dispose of democracy because you didn’t get your own way on membership of bloody trading club. I have never seen a civil war nor do I ever [want to].” ]

Voting is not the most important part of democracy, it’s the outward expression of a democratic society. I’ve worked on and with Georgia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Ukraine, and they have all had votes and elections where the vote itself was real but could not in any way be considered democratic.

A campaign run on lies (not things I think are untrue, or things people were mistaken about, but educated people looking down the camera and knowingly lying to the public) and the fear of foreigners is not democratic. The majority of the 52% were had – wilfully misled and used by the powerful for their own political ambitions, and egged on by a press that, again knowingly, lied to the public again and again.

It’s not about getting my own way over membership of a trading club – the single market is actually the least important thing to me about the EU. It’s about my country being treat like mugs, convinced to act against their own interests, and fooled into rejecting openness, solidarity and internationalism.

Secondly, we have a parliamentary democracy, which has been advised by this deceitfully won referendum, the result of which was within a normal poll’s margin of error (+/-2%), and people are now up in in arms that Parliament, the sovereignty of which we were apparently meant to be taking back, might have some say in it.

Thirdly, I’ve spent most of my adult life working for the UK in the EU, and winning for every time, as the UK almost always does, and I wish I’d never fucking bothered. The EU has spent the last twenty years trying to accommodate the UK’s pleading to be a special case at every turn and it’s never enough for the petty, small minded pricks that control the moronic population. You’re a bunch of spoiled children, who, despite getting exactly the birthday party and presents you wanted went ape-shit because the cake was the wrong shade of pink. Well, you’ve taken it back, so enjoy it. I’ll have nothing to do with it.


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