8th September 2016 – A Note to Guy Verhofstadt on being appointed chief Brexit negotiator for the EP

[Posted on Guy Verhofstadt’s Facebook page]

Congratulations. You are the perfect person for this job.

On behalf of Brits, could I respectfully ask you to bear the following in mind:

1) 48% of those who voted wanted to remain in the EU and are now being utterly ignored by their own government;

2) Two of the four countries of the UK voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU and are being dragged out against their will;

3) Millions of UK citizens who have lived abroad for more than 15 years, including many European civil servants were denied the right to vote;

4) EU citizens living in the UK were denied the right to vote;

5) The referendum has been described as having “glaring democratic deficiencies” by the Electoral Reform Society;

6) Whatever they tell you, the only question on the ballot paper was on membership. There is absolutely no mandate from the referendum for the British government on individual aspects of the negotiations;

7) It is far from clear that an Article 50 notification without the agreement of the UK parliament would be “in accordance with its [the UK’s] own constitutional requirements”.

8) do not try to appease a spoiled child by giving them more. it will never be enough to satisfy them.

Many thanks as ever for your superb work.


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