An open Letter to the 498 MPs who voted for Article 50

Dear Morons,

So you’ve done it then. To show a small number of little-englander xenophobes that they should vote for you instead of UKIP, you’ve shot your own country and its population in the fucking face  (Note: they won’t vote for you anyway).  You’ve taken one look at the right wing press and a handful of crackpots threatening rioting in the streets, cacked your pants, and sold the people, your people, down the river.

Labour MPs (apart from the rather heroic 47 who put their conscience and country before their frankly nuts party), you’ve handed the most right-wing Conservative government ever a blank cheque to enact the most painful Brexit possible.  Of course, it won’t be you who suffer, but your constituents, so that’s okay, no? Is it perhaps that the bigger the shit-fest May makes of it, the more you think Labour can capitalise? Or is it because you want racists and xenophobes to vote for you? Or is it, in fact, because you are spineless yes-men and women, who never wanted to have to put yourselves on the line over this anyway?

And why have you abrogated your moral and constitutional responsibility to act in the best interests of the UK? To take it back?  Take what back?  The UK?  Well, take it back from me then.  I want nothing to do with you or your nasty little England.

Take it back from all the people who think people from other places are actually a lot like them.

Take it back from people who think you should help those most in need in the world. Take it back from my friends and family who thought that the country they lived in was tolerant, open and friendly.

Take it back from your constituents who have jobs that are now under threat.

Take it back from those nasty immigrant nurses, doctors, professors and firemen who have the temerity to accept jobs in the UK and pay tax there. Remember that you voted for Article 50 without the slightest idea whether their rights would be guaranteed.

Take it back from people who don’t consider somebody speaking another language to be a personal insult. Take it back from people who aren’t nasty, self-centred, little Englanders.

Take it back from UK citizens who’ve made their life in the EU, and who now have no idea what will happen next.  Take it back from all those who’ve worked for years and decades for the UK’s interests in the EU institutions and now don’t know if they have a job, career, or even a right to remain.

Take it back from the Scots who you are dragging out of the EU against their overwhelming will, and whose very reasonable compromise on the Single Market the government has summarily rejected.

Take it back from the people of Northern Ireland who recognised that the EU underpinned peace and cross-border prosperity, but who have been palmed off with hardly-credible assurances of special statuses.

Take it back from Gina Miller, Jo Maugham, and all the people who started and helped fund the legal challenges, including me, that gave Parliament the chance to have a say, while you all sat on your hands hoping you wouldn’t have to do anything tricky, like your duty. I literally paid for you to have this opportunity that you wasted.

Take it back from the High and Supreme Court Justices who were brave enough to uphold the rule of law and parliamentary sovereignty in the face of a hateful press while you looked the other way, embarrassed at your lack of courage.

Take it back from your constituents in the poorest regions in the UK, who you know will be the ones to bear the real cost and misery of the Government’s clueless Brexit strategy.

I’m sure your constituents will enjoy their new found freedom to be fucked repeatedly by their employers with no recourse, if they still have a job, and by the rich, right-wing peddlers of hate who told them it was immigrants and the EU’s fault, not the UK government’s, that they had to wait a bit for their free healthcare sometimes.

I’m done defending you. You’ve made the British the most despised people in Europe, and possibly the world. You’ve destabilised the economy directly for nearly half a billion people, and potentially for the rest of the world. You’ve blown a hole in peace and stability in Europe, and shat on nearly sixty years of cooperation and mutual understanding. And why? Because you were scared you might lose a few votes to UKIP, and this was more important to you than the future of your country.

You knew the consequences of your actions. The Prime Minister has said clearly that either the EU gives the UK a combination of concessions that it and its 27 Heads of State and Government have explicitly, repeatedly explained is impossible, or the UK leaves without a deal. But you did it anyway.  You, all of you, are responsible for everything that this government now does as equally as if you did it yourself.

Take it back, morons, and give it to your new friend Donald.  You’re fucking welcome to what’s left of it when he’s done with it. I want none of it. I don’t know how you can sleep at night.


35 thoughts on “An open Letter to the 498 MPs who voted for Article 50

  1. Wow…brilliant…how about getting that out as a letter to all MPs and send it to the Guardian , Times etc…… we need to start rebelling asap…..the louder the better…the big march in march is too farvdown the road ….we need tontake action NOW!!!!

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  2. A little understated and polite. No, seriously, it is terrific. Pandering to one in four of the population (who mainly haven’t a clue what the EU is or actually does) and excising from their thinking the REAL majority, some 48 million people, is going to bite them big time at the next election, assuming May allows one…
    Hopefully it will not be too late to reverse the damage.

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  3. Honestly, what a cry baby rant. Forgot to mention voting for article 50 will cause unlimited tsunami to hit 90% of the coastlines of the world. There will be Earthquakes the likes which can’t even be measured.
    We can all get ready now for Bird Flu and Ebola outbreaks.

    Quote from this pricks shite “Take it back from all the people who think people from other places are actually a lot like them.
    What ?!?! My god. What the hell has this got to do with taking back control ?
    ISIS are a lot like us. In the respect they eat, sleep, drink, poop. So then, these are people from ‘other places’ – shouldn’t we accept them with open arms ?

    Another nut cutlet “Take it back from Gina Miller, Jo Maugham, and all the people who started and helped fund the legal challenges, including me, that gave Parliament the chance to have a say, while you all sat on your hands hoping you wouldn’t have to do anything tricky, like your duty. I literally paid for you to have this opportunity that you wasted”.
    Opportunity wasted ?? You are a sore loser. In addition to that, you now attack the Members of Parliament who DUTIFULLY respected the results of a referendum, in which the people of this country had THEIR vote. You are simply one of the millions of twats who can’t bear to lose.

    You simply cannot hold a national referendum on an major issue / change for the country,
    only to then throw you’re toys out of the pram when the results don’t go your way.
    Trying to stiff 18 million ‘OUT’ voters was never going to work. There would have been riots and demonstrations to make the POLL TAX riots look like child’s play.
    Not to mention the whole world laughing at us as a supposedly democratic country, who in
    reality chooses to overrule the majority vote and turn into a dictatorship, because they lost
    and do not agree.

    I cannot be bothered to address the remainder of this garbage. Other than to say you lost
    suck it up and be a man for once in your life.

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    • The fact that you consider this to be about winning or losing really says everything. What surprises me about the quitters that I know and come across is that, despite trumpeting their ‘win’, they never seem to be very happy or joyful about it. They tend to look the way a child looks when it wins at something but knows it cheated. As if it’s going to be exposed as such at any minute. And, also like a child, they tend to threaten to strike-out with riots and so forth when contradicted. I wonder at what stage they’ll just be happy and content?

      Ignoring that you called me a prick (you’re clearly a cunt by the way), I’d wonder if, had it been 51.9% to remain, and the government had taken this as a signal to join the Euro, Schengen and a European Army, you would be sitting quietly and accepting it? Or, even now, if the deal the government strikes with the EU was for associate membership, with full freedom of movement, the ECJ, and a nice big EU contribution, would you perhaps want another vote or referendum?

      As for other countries laughing at us, the boat’s already left on that I’m afraid. The world other than Trump think the UK are total morons right now. The damage to the UK’s reputation will take decades to repair.

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      • If you think us leaving is damaging ,just wait until Italy ,France and the Nederlands follow suit and the whole corrupt edifice drags the worlds financial system into chaos,because that was on the cards before we even thought of voting to leave . Anyone who thinks the EU could just carry on spending ‘Fiat’money on grandiose building schemes to centralise and expand an army of civil servants and corrupt politicians and at the same time solve the ever expanding DEBT crisis they have created and added to, really has got their head well and truly burried in the sand, European debt is $12 trillion (T) our debt is $1.7 ,that is still bad but it does not exceed our GDP, unlike the EU’s debt ,that is the 5th.largest in proportion to GDP at 87.4% which equals their entire economic output,which has dropped from 24% to
        to 18% in the last year and is still falling., along with the value of the Euro, But as stated above ,all the worlds currencies are paper (fiat) currencies and throughout history, all have failed, To sum up , be prepared for a World recession that will make 2008 and Lhemans look like a picnic, and that will happen regardless of Brexit.


    • One hell of an angry rant, there. A sore winner, perhaps?
      See the White Paper 2.1 where it says we’ve always had Sovereignty. You were lied to. Constantly.
      You were one in four of the population who voted “Leave” on an Advisory Referendum. In your “Democracy” three out of four of the population have been erased from May’s thinking. Her only worry is Power. When you’ve finished being a sore winner and look at the carnage being done to our Country, the possible loss of Scotland, and the possible return of sectarian violence in Northern Ireland, then make a reasoned comment.

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    • Hi Terry.

      My niece is half-Polish. For me, it isn’t a case of the fact we’ll be worse off, that borders will be closed or free trade agreements. It’s that because of people like you, because of racists and because of liars there is a real risk that I’ll lose my niece. This is the bit where you tell me she was born in the UK so she could stay right? Apart from under the terms that the government version of Brexit you’ll want to deport her mother for simply being Polish, regardless of the fact that she works and pays tax to the UK government.

      I could go on to tell you that it’s about my Dad because he lives out in Spain and how this affects him but you’re still fixated on how to respond to my last point and wondering how to tell me to “suck it up”.

      In fact any point you bring up I can challenge. I didn’t listen to either side in the run-up to the referendum, I researched the facts reading a lot of documents from all sources and we were lied to all around.

      So here’s it in a nutshell, take you petty little comments and shove them. You won’t shut us up. You won’t make us go away. There is nothing good that can come from leaving the EU because without them we’ll either sell out to China or the US and if you think that the past few years have been tough financially then you haven’t got a clue about what will come from triggering Article 50.

      Suck that up, buttercup.


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  4. This is Scotland’s moment. If you don’t drag it by the horns and do this silly little island a massive favour, the chance may never come again. There are many, even within the blogging fraternity, who will verify my long held view the your nation should run its own affairs…Scotland go for it, save yourselves and, by default save this England (for a multiplicity of reason I shan’t bore you with) I am rarely proud of…best of good fortune to you and yours.

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  5. “You’ve made the British the most despised people in Europe, and possibly the world.” As an American, I must say that as long as the Great Orange Homunculus is President, we got this title covered.

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  6. I voted remain and am a trade unionist, socialist and a democrat. I am truly conflicted over A50. It is a huge mistake socially, politically, financially. But at this stage of the game that is what was voted for. If Labour back it, they may ,just, be a parliamentary force going forward. Block it and they are in the wilderness for years. You may not like it but that’s it. So who will speak for those most likely to suffer from the effects of Brexit in the next Parliament if Labour loses its Brexit voting seats?The libdems or Ukip? Even if each and every opposition party had voted against A50, the govt would have still won. So pick your battles. Delay amend and maybe if we are lucky the “will of the people” will move against Brexit when can be shown to the people that things will be worse


    • Unfortunately if it turns out that A50 is irrevocable, we’re stuffed if this bill passes and no good deal follows. For that simple reason alone, MPs should have refused to allow May to trigger A50 until it is known whether or not UK can unilaterally “untrigger” it.


  7. I’ve shared this too! As others have said, it says what we’ve all been thinking and couldn’t find the words to express. I sold my flat in Ixelles just before the vote and now I’m quietly screaming on the inside as I watch the country being slowly flushed down the pan with nowhere to escape to….


  8. Despite the commonly held view, many of us ex pats in the EU do not support the Tories and are horrified at the thought of Brexit. Our future is insecure and seems to be forgotten. So, we are angry about Brexit , for ourselves and for the UK. We know it will only create more and worse divisions in society, as it already has with the parts of the United Kingdom. Your letter is excellent, and if it were possible I’d happily add my name.


  9. A great rant! Sean: Over the last 43 years, millions of people have built their lives and livelihoods around the fact that Britain is a member of the European Union. That security and base is to be swept away in a stroke – because “If Labour back it, they may ,just, be a parliamentary force going forward. Block it and they are in the wilderness for years.”. Well, every Labour MP swore an oath to abide by the MPs Code of conduct: to act first in the best interests of the nation, and of their constituents Nothing in the Code about protecting their party from unpopularity. If that’s what drives an MP’s ethical and moral code, then I am ready to kick the cowardly little bastards out of the House of Commons with my own ageing foot.


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