The Moronathon goes Mainstream. A bit.

Apologies for the lack of attention to TGBM blog for the last few months.  Thanks to the help and encouragement of many people, I’ve been contributing elsewhere on Brexit recently.  This is mostly thanks to  Anand Menon and Jonathan Portes from UK in a Changing Europe UK in a Changing Europe.  They commissioned the first article, which was based on a Twitter thread that caught their eye, and they kindly published it jointly with the LSE and The New Statesman.  Adam Payne’s interview with me for UK Business Insider also brought in a lot of requests.  In case of interest, here are links to articles that have been published elsewhere while I’ve been neglecting the blog.

Most of these articles had their genesis as Twitter threads, so do please follow me there. I’m @guitarmoog.

The Guardian Opinion (24/10/17):

Brexit ultras are distracting us from the harsh realities facing the UK

The New Statesman (13/10/17):

Why the EU should let the UK revoke Article 50

The Independent Voices (25/07/17):

As a British EU negotiator, I can tell you that Brexit is going to be far worse than anyone could have guessed

Jointly published with UK in a Changing Europe: UK in a Changing Europe

There was also an associated Independent article by Ashley Cowburn:  Former British EU negotiator says Brexit was a ‘terrible idea’ and even the Government doesn’t understand how bad it will be 

Interview by Adam Payne for UK Business insider (19/07/17):

Former UK-EU negotiator: May is handling Brexit in the ‘absolute worst way’ possible

The LSE Brexit Blog (12/07/17):

Brexit can be stopped – but the window of opportunity is closing fast

The New Statesman (The Staggers) (22/06/17)

To this former EU negotiator, the UK’s chance of a good Brexit deal looks slim

Published jointly with UK in a Changing Europe  and the  LSE Brexit Blog

Incidentally, this made the Indy100


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